Monday, January 8, 2018

Ice skating!

As my mum has hard time and she feels very down I decided to take her on ice skating. I was worried that she will not want to try it but I was wrong! She was happy and seems that she enjoyed it. She took her mind off and that make me at least a bit better. We both do not know how to ice skate but I wish we can improve it soon. The season for ice skating didn't finish yet, it is quite cheap in my home town it is only 14 zł and for students 6zł with skates! It is even less than going to the cinema or bowling! After knowing how to ice skate we plan to go for yoga and skii.

It is time to be sick!

Santa it is not the only one who is getting a lot of attention during this period. Winter it is a time for cold and flu. Anyone can get it but some of us are at higher risk. Some are more resistant than the others or simply takes care of themselves better. This year I have decided to make myself immune to flu and cold drinking Actimel every morning. Till now I have to confess that it works. I still wasn't very sick and I hope I will not.  

Hard work!

All of you who know me realised that I am quite lazy human being and I hate working hard. I am that kind of person that always does the minimum needed and I have never rushed to be the best at school or to have the best marks, I truly believe that marks are just numbers and only me is concious of what I know and what I do not know. Of course there is also talent which is inborn quality that help us achieve goals however talent does not guarantee success. My only problem is that I don't want to achieve much. I do not want to work from 8 to 15 I do not want to be the business woman or the owner of 5 star hotel. The only thing that I want is to be free, to work as less as possible and to be happy so that I will never be depressed.

Dry shampoo

A year ago I have discovered a perfect thing for my hair. It is a dry shampoo that reduces hair greasiness without water. The shampoo seems to be a bit pricey around 14 zł for a small bottle and contains butane and propane which is not good for my hair condition. That is why I tried to make dry shampoo by myself. I mixed cornstarch with few drops of lavender oil and applied it on my hair with an old make up brush. The effect was totally the same like with commercial dry shampoo. I save my money and also save my hair from explosive chemicals.


Many people during their trips find important to try local cuisine believing that getting to know their meals they are getting closer to the culture of the country. I do not really think so but while travelling through Indonesia I had a chance to try tempeh. It is their traditional soy product made by a natural culturing and controlled fermentation process which is formed in cake form. Tempeh is healthier than tofu but not that popular in Europe. I miss the taste of tempeh it was my favourite thing in Bali. While travelling I am not into trying new dishes. I am not a big fan of extraordinary food but tempeh surprised me and I hope that soon I will have chance to eat it again

''Lion long way home''

Lately I have seen cool movie ''Lion long way home'' based on the book of Saroo Brierley. Some films really moves me and it was definitely one of them. The plot was about five-years-old Indian boy named Saroo who was lost on the train station. After twenty-five years in Australia the boy worked out how to find the way back home. The movie is based on a real life story. I do not want to spoil the movie only to recommend it. The film became my one of the best ones I have latelly seen.  

January Sales!

It is official! Jaunuary is known as the most depressing month of the year. People are feeling exhausted and drained after Christmas. However, January is a window of opportunity to spice up your fasion sense in the cheapest way. Almost every shop is proposing us big sales. The pices are tempting us but watch out because that might be a trap. Sincerelly, I like observing people queueing outside their favourite shop from day one of the sale.