Sunday, October 15, 2017


Welcome after holidays.

As my duty is to write the blog I decided to change the topic of my posts. This year I do not want to share with you with my adventures, trips and my private life. From now I plan to continue the blog with boring stuff that comes to my mind. That's all caused by a need of widen another type of vocabulary and willingness of learning something new. I believe that the blog might be a bit less interesting and some of the posts might seem as dull as ditchwater but that is my last chance to learn something more. I hope you will be lenient with me and if you wish to know something about my adventures to Asia, Brazil or Japan do not hesistate to ask me.

Saturday, May 27, 2017

Recently I came up with a nice idea of adopting an old dog form a shelter. Unfortunately to do it I would need to have bigger flat and be more present at home. The idea will need to wait few more years till I manage to buy a flat or a small studio. But still I would love to help the abandoned dogs and cats in the shelters especially the old ones which are totally left behind (the ugly and old ones). I have decided to walk the dogs in the Poznanian shelter or to stay ''online'' owner of the dog. I am still considering which idea would be better for me.  
Last attacts made me think a lot about the trips I made and how lucky I was. I have to confess that I am a bit scared of what is happening. I constantly question myself why that takes place and if we can avoid it somehow. I am aware that being alert and avoiding places with big group of people might save my life but I do not want to miss any nice moment in my life. That is why I do not follow any rules and I live the moment believing that I will be lucky again.

That is why going to Philipines at the end of June is only my decision. I heard that it is dangerous over there and it is on the list of risky places. It is my concious choice and I will not change my decision.  

Wednesday, May 10, 2017


This May Day picnic I spent in Sardegna. It was my second time over there and I have to confess that this island is one of my the best places I have ever visited. When I was there 2 years ago I had a huge fight with my boyfriend that's why we have decided to come back there and bring the good memories from that mysterious place.
As an island Sardegna has a bit more expensie food products and petrol. If it comes about accomodation the price is regular although we were there in low season so I suppose that the prices may rise a bit. For may the island wasn't too crowded and the temperature was perfect: not too cold and not too hot. Tha was the best timing we could choose.  

Sunday, April 30, 2017

Long weekend

Till yesterday I wasn't sure what will I do during that 5 days off. I didn't want to spend time at home My boyfriend went to New Zealand and I was a bit sad that I can not go with him. I decided to take the decision spontanouously and I went 11 hours to Bonn to visit my sister. That was a great deal because I didn't see her for long and the weather over here is much better than in Poland.
Today we will make barbecuse and eat german 'wurst'. I am really excited and I wish you all a great holidays.

Thursday, April 20, 2017


If it comes about India I had big expertations. I expected that I will feel like in Thailand or Malaysia but when I arrived to Mumbai an odd smell, dust and noise of the horn welcomed me. It was a night, I took a tuk tuk to hotel and with a jet lag I tried to fall asleep. Next day was very nervous because I didn't have Indian currency and the crisis in India caused limits in withrowing money from cash machines. At the end, I solved the problem and went sightseeing. The city was a big mess but I kind of liked the atmosphere over there. What hit me the most was the poor people and homeless animals. Children without shoes, pants and even without lingerie walking on the street. I defenitely wasn't prepared for that view. The worst thing was that I couldn't help them all. The incident that will always stay in my mind is from the main street in Mumbai. While I was walking, a little dirty boy started to hang on my leg and he didn't want to set me free. He didn't beg for food or money he just wanted attencion. The boy is used to be raised on the street he doesn't know better life. But when I was there I thought ''what a shitty life he has, if God exists he isn't fair'' I was coming to my hotel where I had warm water, full fridge and clean clothes and I felt sad and lucky. The trip was a great lesson of humbleness, value of life and humility  

Sunday, April 2, 2017

Issues of India

Before I will write here more details from my trip I would like to share mmy thoughts about issues of India.

Travelling to India is a really intense experience. The cultural mix and gap from the west is overwhelming. You are forced to see the inequalities of the world and among indian society.
From all the issues that India faces, 2 seem the most urgent: poverty and pollution.
About the last one it's easy to get, there are little hygiene habits, gargabe is thrown on the street, corners or sources of water. The dirtyness its in a big scale in the bigger cities. No organization can take care of this issue because the problem seems to start on everyone's education.

Then poverty, being the worst case in Mumbai. Hundreds of homeless and many orphans accumulate next to busy roads. What kind of life is that? What to do with that? Huge scale family planning, feeding or adoption programs? In India you see a lot of things yet to be done and you have to question yourself if you could be useful as an individual. You have to realize that the world is not just the warm corner you live in, and maybe there are more important things than the stuff you aim to buy one day.